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Why I Don't Write Love Songs – and Why I Do It All the Time

I don’t write love songs. I only ever write about friends, inspiring people, people I look up to, people that are special to me or made me feel special – that’s what I’ve been telling myself all these years.

What I didn’t realise was that each and every one of those songs was in fact a love song.

Love comes in all shapes and forms, there are so many different shades between platonic and romantic and there is no right or wrong, it’s a feeling and it’s okay and valid.

Sometimes I play these songs and chuckle at the 15 year old me who thinks the way she feels about this "friend" (hello internalised homophobia!) is just a very deep friendship and the way it aches isn’t heartbreak but depression and just another dysfunction of her weird brain and heart. Sigh. Love just feels so much better when you allow yourself to love.


I didn’t even know what it meant

and it already meant everything to me

I didn’t even notice how time went

by and by, as calm as the sea

And with the slightest touch

the storm will arise again

Do so little, feel so much

Set fire to my chest and then –

Tender and sweet

you cut the ground

from under my feet

Without a sound,

Without a word,

I fell so deep

without being hurt


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