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As an independent singer-songwriter, I rely on the incredible support of listeners to continue my musical journey.

In the vast landscape of the music industry, independence is both a challenge and a privilege. Unlike mainstream artists backed by major labels, I thrive on the direct connection with my listeners. Your support, be it financial contributions or other gestures, plays a pivotal role in enabling me to create and share authentic music that speaks to you.

Here are three ways how you can support me:

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If you become my patron, you can support me on a monthly basis with a monetary amount of your choice. In return, you receive a variety of benefits (like song requests for the live stream, exclusive behind the scenes content, physical merch etc.). In that way, you are very close to my creative process and can even contribute and have a say in creative decisions (like choosing what song I should release next). So you kind of act like a label, help me sustaining a somewhat regular income and become a part of a lovely community. 

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Do you feel like buying me a coffee? Or just give me a one-time tip for a live stream you really enjoyed? Then PayPal is the way.

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You can also support me without spending a dime! Supporting me as an independent artist on social media means the world. So if you enjoy my work, give my profiles a follow, hit those likes, and share my content with your friends. Your heartfelt comments mean everything to me. Don't forget to tag me in your posts, helping to build a supportive community around my work. And of course you never miss out on any important news - it's a win-win! 

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Thank you for your incredible support! ♥

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