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Berlin-based indie pop artist and queer singer-songwriter Jennifer Berning, known for her captivating live and online performances since 2011, released her debut EP 'Face to Face' in 2021.

Across four distinct tracks, Jennifer Berning crafts a narrative that delves into self-reflection, the intricacies of others' perceptions, and the path toward accepting one's identity. Taking charge of the production process herself, Jennifer Berning collaborated with fellow musicians to enhance the EP's soundscapes. Notably, 'The Artist' features a choir made up of her own fans, illustrating her innovative approach to music and the strong bond she shares with her audience.


Drawing inspiration from the likes of Phoebe Bridgers, her music, often described as sad girl indie pop, delicately balances introspection with the universal quest for connection, wrapped in melodies that resonate deeply with listeners from all walks of life.


As she works on new material set for release in 2024, she continues to refine her craft with lyrics so specific they unfold into a universal appeal, revealing the nuanced artistry of her songwriting. Her work is a heartfelt exploration of (queer) identity, inviting listeners to embrace their own narratives within the tapestry of her songs.

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