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You Better Lose Yourself in the Music

I feel like I’m being most true to myself when I lose myself in something. When I lose any sense of “self”. This used to happen to me most of the time when I was on my own in my home studio recording for hours on end. Now, this feeling slowly but surely also enters the stage-me every so often. Which is just the best feeling ever. Knowing exactly what you’re doing without having to think of it. Flow.

But how can the absence of self-awareness be the same as being your truest self? Can you be your truest self without any self involved? Is it possible to be yourself at all? What is this “self” anyway?

If you have no self-awareness, who are you? You are no one. If you are no one, why would you care about anyone or what they think? You wouldn’t. So, in the understanding that you have no self-awareness (you are no one – you don’t exist), you can be anyone. Anyone, any person you want to, or need to be.

In the absence of self-awareness also comes the absence of consequence. If I’m not even aware of my awareness how could I understand any consequence of my actions? Therefore my actions don’t affect me. I can be anyone, do anything. I can be who my mind thinks I am.

My truest self. 

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